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Press Release

Cesar Chavez’s Dream Lives On With ‘Si Se Puede!’ (‘Yes We Can’) Flag

Cesar Chavez’s dream for farm workers and all Latinos is reflected by The Ross Family through a Ross-designed flag depicting Chavez and the words from his 1972 fast in Arizona, “Si Se Puede!” (“Yes We Can”) as well as a picketline of grape strikers. The dramatic and colorful flag also includes the farm worker movement’s historic black eagle symbol associated with Chavez’s decades-long struggle for farm worker and civil rights. The new flag captures the spirit and humility of the man and the people he led. Ross Flags and Design has been granted rights to Chavez’s image and words by the Cesar Chavez Foundation (exclusive licensor of the Chavez image and name) and will manufacture and distribute the flag.
Although the United Farm Workers of America already has a celebrated flag of its own, the “Si Se Puede” banner/flag will be used in schools and public forums all over the nation to help promote awareness of Chavez and his legacy as well as serving as a commemorative piece. The flag’s premiere comes on the 45th anniversary of the start of the 1965 Delano Grape Strike, by Latino and Filipino American farm workers that catapulted Chavez and his cause into the national spotlight and resulted five years later in the union’s first major victories.

Ross Flags and Design was licensed in 2008 by Intellectual Properties Management (the exclusive licensor of the King Estate) to create, manufacture, and market the first flag with the image of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. King’s flag has flown daily at The King Center in Atlanta since May 2008 and has been displayed all over the country at events honoring the life and legacy of Dr. King.  Ross Flags and Design recognized the need for a flag honoring the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez. Our mission is to be a flag company that contributes positively to society by creating symbols of awareness and showing respect and honor to those that have brought constructive change to our world.  The Ross Family is honored to be licensed by the Cesar Chavez Foundation and Intellectual Properties Management (the exclusive licensor of the King Estate).

One might ask, “why a flag”?  These flags represent a visual symbol that exemplifies pride, shows respect, and stimulates dialogue.  These flags and their symbolism is our offering to the extension of the legacy of these great humanitarians.  Our hope is to see these flags displayed at homes, schools, businesses, churches, and government offices throughout our great nation paying tribute to these true crusaders for nonviolent social change. 

The family-owned business will market the USA made Chavez flag through the Chavez Foundation  and its own website

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