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Press Release

The Dream Lives On
Family Touched by Hate Carries on King’s Legacy of Love

California and Texas- Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of hope and equality is being carried on by Maria Landry Ross and her family. Ross Flags and Design has been granted rights by Intellectual Properties Management (exclusive Licensor of the King Estate) to manufacture and distribute a flag that carries the slain civil rights leader’s image with the caption, “Yesterday’s Dream Tomorrow’s Reality”. The flag is the product of the love for and belief in Dr. King and his message.

Maria Landry Ross and her family originally designed and created one flag to display from her home during the time of Dr. King’s birthday in January and throughout black history month in February. Maria’s mother liked the flag so much that she would borrow the flag to display on her own home as well. When Maria’s mother borrowed the flag to display from a podium at a school for a King Day celebration, the school asked if they could display the flag for black history month, Maria thought there might be a need for this flag on a larger scale.

On the morning of June 19th 2000, life as the Ross family knew it changed forever. Maria, her husband Dwayne, and their two young children awoke to find a seven-foot cross burning on the lawn of their suburban home. The day, known as “Juneteenth”, is traditionally the day that African Americans celebrate their emancipation from slavery. For the Ross’ family it was a day of decision. Maria and Dwayne decided on that day to keep fighting for the dream that Dr. King sparked in their hearts and minds. What could have been a day of tragedy and loss was turned into a life affirming moment.

Maria and Dwayne, founders of Ross Flags, have used this tragedy to drive their desire to carry on Dr. King’s legacy. Maria says, “This flag is a constant visual reminder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision. If we are to continue moving forward, we must go back and rediscover that Dr. King’s dedication to justice, peace, and brotherhood lies within each of us. We are the enablers that contribute to making his dream become a reality!”

The family owned business will market the nylon flag through both The King Center and on their own website as well. For more information on this flag, log on to


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