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Refund Policy

What is Ross Flags and Design return policy?

All returns are subject to management approval. You may return or exchange any item that is defective. Merchandise credit will be issued for the price paid or a merchandise exchange when returned within thirty (30) days of the purchase. Merchandise returned more than thirty (30) days after the purchase date will not be eligible for a return. Please contact us at (310) 489-2443 or [email protected] if you have merchandise that must be returned.

What is your returned check policy?

Ross Flags and Design will accept your check by utilizing an Electronic Funds Transfer (RFT) system. In the event that the EFT or draft is returned unpaid (or, if a paper check is accepted, and the check is returned for any reason), there will be a return fee, as permitted by State and Federal law, or $20.00 or more (which may include fees, collection costs, and applicable state taxes). This fee may be presented to your bank electronically or submitted via a paper draft.


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